Maximize Preservation of Healthy Tooth Structure

Maximize Candidacy for No Prep Cases

Maximize Patient Comfort and Affordability

Maximize Efficiency, Predictability and Profitability

Maximize Physical Properties for Stronger Restorations

An Alternative to No Treatment and More Invasive Treatments

Enroll More Patients Into Treatment

Within dental practices, there are many patients that would benefit from both aesthetic and functional treatments. Dentists do not want to destroy healthy tooth structure, but many times they do not have the means to produce the desired results without tooth reduction. This leaves patients who fear tooth reduction untreated with no alternative option. Provánce® overcomes invasive treatment driven by minimum material thickness with its unique delivery of the composite using the patented Provánce® Composite Veneer System.

Maximize Preservation of Healthy Tooth Structure

The additive only Provánce® Composite Veneers design below represents the ideal minimal addition of restorative material to improve both function and aesthetics. Additionally, the additive only design model illustrates areas where grinding of healthy tooth structure (areas where additive material is not applied) would be required to accomodate any veneer   even "no prep" porcelain veneers, prefabricated shells or plastic templates. Any technique other than Provánce® Composite Veneers would be more invasive and unnecessary. Patient candidacy for true "no prep" cases is maximized with the patented Provánce® Composite Veneer System.

Conservative with a Comprehensive Element

Many times, the Provánce® design additions will create cuspid guidance and posterior disclusion. Tooth reduction or equilibration that may have been considered conservative prior to the additions would now be considered excessive. If tooth reduction or equilibration is still required, it is usually much less. If the case requires opening of the verticle dimension, typically any adjustments required will be on the Provánce® Composite Veneers rather than the natural tooth structure.

A Higher Quality Transitional Restoration for Treatment Phasing

If transitioning to porcelain restorations, Provánce® is an ideal long-term provisional. The bonded Provánce® Composite Veneers make the provisional process easier and more economical to maintain (e.g. less sensitivity, broken temps, micro leakage, excessive staining, difficult hygiene and tissue maintenance).


When transitioning to porcelain, the final tooth dimension has already been established by the Provánce® Composite Veneers. These final tooth dimensions allow one restoration to be completed at a time without compromise to the overall design. Tooth reduction will be easier and, in many areas, will begin at the composite layer (i.e., Provánce® Composite Veneers would be considered the core build-up).


The Provánce® Composite Veneer design allows the dentist to easily visualize and determine the most conservative preparation design (e.g. veneer, onlay instead of a crown). 

Dentist and Patient Benefits:

  • Premium alternative
  • Affordable alternative
  • Natural appearance (can be placed thinner avoiding the bulking appearance)
  • Minimally invasive and reversible (conservative) 
  • No shots or grinding in most cases (no temporaries)
  • Easy, fast and comfortable procedure (painless)
  • No packing cord
  • Multiple restorations placed at one time
  • No fussing with incremental build-ups
  • No fussing with contour
  • No fussing with contacts
  • Easy polishing
  • Reduce procedure time by over 75%
  • Can improve physical properties and durability
  • Easy upkeep
  • Easy repair
  • Makes it easier for patients to accept treatment


Indications For Use:


  • Diastema closure
  • Correct tooth size, shape and position
  • Fix worn teeth and improve length
  • Correct tooth discolorations
  • No-prep full contour crowns, partial veneers, lingual veneers, occlusal veneers, labial, and buccal veneers
  • Change verticle dimension
  • Transitional restorations
  • Implant space management
  • Replace missing teeth when implants are not possible
  • Repair and/or improve old crown and bridge


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