Date And Time

Wed, September 4, 2019

6:30 PM - 9:00 PM EDT


Great Lakes Brewery

2516 Market Avenue

Cleveland, OH 44113

2 CE Credits

Smile Source Members $49

Non-Members $99




The world of dentistry continues to be more competitive. DSOs are growing and more large corporations are estabilishing their footprint in the dental workspace. This course serves to show methods and techniques the independent practitioner can incorporate in order to successfully compete and THRIVE!


Dentists can always look to expand their respective skillsets by incorporationg a variety of dental procedures. Implants, endodontics, and sleep dentistry are all lucrative additions. Not every dentist is interested in obtaining the training needed for each of those options, but the ever day general dentist uses composite on a regular basis. Provánce® is a one of a kind product and system that has revolutionized composite to make it stronger, more aesthetic, and more profitable.


This course intoduces the dentist to how Provánce® can make you more profitable and at the same time make high end aesthetic dentistry more affordable to each and every patient all while marketing itself!


Learning Objectives


- Learn why these patented methods are different from anything you many have seen and done before

- Learn how to maximize preservation of healthy tooth structure

- Learn how to maximize physical properties of your restorative material for stronger restorations

- Learn how to maximize patient comfort and affordability

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