A Simple Procedure That Allows Greater Control In A Wide Variety of Applications By Dentists of Varying Skill Levels                         

Diastema Closure

Smile Makeovers

Full Mouth Treatment



"One of the best things about the Provánce® Composite Veneer System is that it is non-invasive. Provánce® works, it lasts, and the restorations are tremendously aesthetic. The Provánce® System is going to make your job a whole lot easier."


Richard E. Betor, DDS

The Provánce® Recipe For Predictable Composite Veneers

Complete six predictable composite veneers in 60 minutes or less when you follow the Provánce® recipe. Many experienced dentists complete up to a full arch in under one hour.




Provánce® overcomes the tedious process of direct hand-placed composite with a simple, worry-free technique that will dramatically increase predictability and profitability for any dentist. Regardless of ability, the patented Provánce® Composite Veneer System will leave fussing with emergence profiles, contour, line angles, margins,  contacts, and incremental build-ups a thing of the past. Enjoy new levels of success with smile makeovers, implants, full mouth reconstruction and treatment phasing options. Remove limitations of cost and invasiveness that stop many patients from moving forward with treatment.

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