Premium Composite Veneers with The Provánce® System

Provánce® Composite Veneers can be used to solve a multitude of challenges in every-day dentistry. The dentist instruction manual explores each step in the process of Provánce® Composite Veneers and is designed to teach the necessary skills to the dentist for easy implementation of the System into their practice. 


This system is for any dentist who wishes to become a licensed provider of Provánce® Composite Veneers utilizing the patented Provánce® Composite Veneer System Technology.

System Includes:

  • Provánce® Composite Veneer System consultation for 1 dentist
  • Patented Provánce® Composite and Matrix Warmers with carrying case
  • Provánce® Quick Start Guide (includes videos)
  • 13X10 Hardcover Dentist Instruction Book and Recommended Product List
  • Communication documents for use in your practice and with the Provánce® dental laboratory
  • 13X10 Hardcover Patient Education/Before and After Book
  • 50 Bi-fold Patient Brochures, 6 Counter Displays 
  • Find a dentist listing as a certified Provánce® dentist at
  • License to use patented System
  • License to use Provánce® Composite Veneers logo for your website and marketing

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