A Hybrid System For Placing Laboratory Designed  Direct Composites

Provánce® is a premium alternative method to the arduous process of direct, hand-placed composite veneers.


The Provánce® Composite Veneer System was developed to facilitate dentists' ability to provide minimally invasive, high quality care to patients when traditional restorative options are not within a patients budget, or an acceptable option. 


The system provides efficiency and predictability that enables dentists to offer a more affordable restoration without sacrificing aesthetics, function or profitability

"This is something that a lot of dentists can do and get aesthetically pleasing results that your patients are going to love."

Michael Betor, DDS

Design and Delivery

The Patented Methods

Impressions of the patient's teeth are sent to the Provánce® dental laboratory. There, skilled dental technicians will create three dimensional models of the teeth, design the new smile and fabricate the Provánce® Matrix for the placement appointment.


At the Provánce® Composite Veneer placement appointment, the dentist will fill the Provánce® Matrix   that duplicates the Provánce® Composite Veneer design   with a composite. Bonding material is applied, the matrix is placed over the teeth and curing lights are used to permanently bond the composite to the existing teeth. The matrix is removed from the mouth, flash is removed, contacts are quickly seperated, and the new smile is cleaned and polished.

Interproximal Contacts

The Patented Methods

The patented methods allow multiple teeth to be restored at the same time. Including adjacent teeth. The Provánce® patented methods do not require the use of separating agents, tapes or every other tooth placement techniques to create seperate, hygenically acceptable, interproximal contacts. This reduces the time and complexity of the restoration process, and improves accuracy.

Maximize Physical Properties for Stronger Restorations

The Patented Methods

Research has shown that warming restorative composite produces many benefits, including the overall improvement of its physical properties (e.g., increased depth of cure, reduced curing times, improved conversion rate, surface hardness and fracture resistance).1 However, the challenge presented to clinicians in using warmed composites most effectively is the ability to maintain the material under clinically relevant isothermal conditions during light curing   necessary to achieve these benefits.2 A core principle of the patented Provánce® Composite Veneer System is heat management. One of the keys to the success of the patented Provánce® System is its unique ability to account for the rapid drop in temperature that naturally occurs when warmed composite is removed from a warming device until the time it is placed in the mouth, and light cured.3 The patented Provánce® Composite Veneer System is engineered to create a heat sync, allowing clinicians to place up to a full arch of restorations in a single step and light cure all restorations within temperature parameters proven to improve composite adaptation and its physical properties.

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